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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Interviews

Tomorrow I'll be finishing up two surprise interviews I'm working on right now.
These people are what I call " Path Pavers" they make way for people coming behind them trying to do similar things if not the same thing. I know alot of people are probably curious as to how they decided to do what they're doing in the music industry, as well has did they fund their plans.
I've made it my personal duty , to find out how , what , when , where and why tomorrow when I do the interview.

I won't divulge any names until the interviews are finished. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the interviews once they are finished...even if you don't who these people are. My goal is ...after reading the interviews that if you aren't familiar with them, YOU WILL BE.

With that being said I'm going to close this post, to continue writing the questions.
Keep reading, and I'll keep writing!


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