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Monday, February 1, 2010


Twitter has it's ups and downs but at 3am this is as high as it gets.
Amazingly one of the illest..and one of my new found way of DWI Da Matrix Studios is playing 21 questions with his followers... 21 questions being the pun because in reality it's ask as many as he feels like answering!

My dude is seriously ill, I've had a song he's featured on, on repeat for about 2 and a half weeks now, it took forever for me to even find the damn thing...considering people are so stingy with mp3 files nowadays (The song is Titled I love me By Tek of Smiff and Wesson ,Sha Stimuli & Math Hoffa , it was produced by Drawzilla ) click here to hear it on YouTube.

If you dont believe me...see for yourself and click here. You've been might just end up freezing your computer with multiple downloads...

If you really want to get familiar hit up his twitter @MathHoffa and #askHoffa what the word is...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Decade, New News and a New Job.

Happy New year Everyone.

I have great news to share!!!
I have landed a job with as a writer!
This blog will still be periodically updated with the latest in pop culture and music...BUT I will also be involved with my column on If you follow this blog or were a regular reader please make sure you keep up with my column, as I will be the Underground Music Examiner for the Sacramento& Los Angeles areas of California. Now just because I am the area Examiners for those two cities DOES NOT mean I can't write an article about you or your music because you live out of the that area. Please continue to send in your music I have always shown everyone love in regards to their art.Lately I have been getting a lot of spam from some producer's website, so when you email me please make sure you put a note in the email so I know you're a live person. Thanks! See you all again this Thursday.

To view and subscribe to my column on click here


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pleasure P : Man , Monster Or Victimized Musician ?

On December 2nd,2009 (a week ago today) the world was taken by storm as Twitter users began to see ...and eventually retweet conversations ...and twit pics of court documents stating that Marcus Ramone Cooper [ stage name Pleasure P , of Pretty Ricky ] had molested a four year old girl [ whom some claim was his neice] and a multitude of other young girls.

Spetacular Smith [ stage name Spetacular of Pretty Rick] was questioned...and two screen shot images of the questioning surfaced soon after...

To make matters worse...and make the bigger picture even more shocking and grotesque were the act that court documents surfaced as the claims great credibility.

Ok now maybe I over analyze things... But earlier someone said the child's name was Mariah Smith.... Looking over the court documents it states word for word " The child, MAURICE HARRIS shall remain/be placed in the shelter custody of...."

[ Last time I checked Maurice was a little boy's PAUSE!!! He molested a boy? NOOO.... read more]

If you continue to read throughout the documents it almost seems as if the parents : Joesph Smith and Mariah Johnson are the ones being charged with child molestation or sexual misconduct....BUT when you read even further it states that the boy named as the victim not have any contact with Marcus Cooper[ Pleasure P ] so is this a mistake in people's comprehension of the ever complicated legal system and it's redundant paperwork...

Or are people simply not seeing what's going on in the paperwork? Your call.

Based on my experience in the law enforcement field...and my dealings with the judicial system, this paperwork implies that he played a role in the whole thing. It doesnt go straight forward and say " hey we know you groped that little boy's penis!"

I'll be making a poll on this you all can vote on whether you think Pleasure P is innocent, or whether he's another Mike Jackson Case..


In regards to Underratedness : Recap of Most Underrated R&B Singles of winter 2009

I was going through some of my youtube history..... and I thought I'd share with you all my favorite song off the Most Underrated R&B Singles of winter 2009 Playlist from the blog.

This girl has been around since about late 2001 on a mainstream level, and overall I'd say she's one of the best singers out. I'd even say she's better sounding than Beyonce she just isn't marketed properly....
Now I didn't say Beyonce wasn't a great entertainer...I said Amerie sounds better than Beyonce.
So without further delay my favorite song of the Most Underrated R&B Singles of winter 2009 playlist

Amerie Featuring Fabolous " More than Love"

Hope you enjoyed it. This thing is getting played constantly in my car, real talk.


UC Berkeley's Noteworthy preforms Lady Gaga's Pokerface

UCB's Noteworthy performing "Poker Face" featuring Brian Wang and Joey Goodknight at the 9th Annual West Coast A Cappella Showcase on 11/13/09

They did a great job to me, it only is a bonus that it was funny as hell in a cinematic way.

UCB's Noteworthy Gets a Thumbs up from me.


Most Underrated R&B Singles of winter 2009

I was going through some of my playlists on my laptop when I realized...
HEY! Some good music came out this winter/fall and you don't even hear it on the radio...

So! I've made it my duty to compile a mini list of songs I think you should download...
especially if you're single or going through a little love spat this winter.

Cheers to the underrated but unforgotten...


  1. Amerie Ft. Fabolous - More than Love
  2. Nicole Wray - I like it
  3. Chrisette Michele - Epiphany
  4. Mariah Carey - I want to know what love is
  5. Janet Jackson - Make me
  6. Pink - Funhouse
  7. Whitney Houston - I look to you
  8. Mya - Take it back
  9. Neyo&Brandy - Decisions
  10. Monica - Once in a lifetime

Thursday, November 26, 2009

DivineTV show On Now

Music Site that gives musicians fighting chance down in hiatus.
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by Divinity | November 26, 2009 at 04:30 am
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Several months ago a twitter user noticed how many musicians on twitter were complaining about sources to upload ,promote and host their music. After recollecting ideas suggested by several of the unsigned musicians , and even some larger names such as DWI Matrix Studios ( Bronx,NY),Drawzilla ( Producer also of New York),DJ Skywalker (Memphis,TN)...the website was formed by twitter user Divinity

The website itself serves as promotional and informative page, hosting news clips .... [to read the full story click here ]

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Series of unfortunate Events

Due to technical and non-technical difficulties Divinity and the show will NOT be back this month....The show will be back Mid-December.
We are extremely apologetic to the fans...but this situation was completely out of our ( & her) hands.

HOWEVER, we do have something to surprise you all with.
During the down time of the show....we took 30 minutes to make a forum for everyone to network and collaborate on...however at the moment divinity and the blogteam are the only ones signed up for it...
so we're encouraging true fans, and music lovers to go sign up and start posting.
Anyone who wants to become a moderator needs to email us IMMEDIATELY at
The link to the forum is as follows
if you can't cut and paste that into your browser please click here.

Thanks Again yall!
-Divinetv Blog Team

Monday, November 2, 2009



-DivineTV Blog Team

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Homepage up and running

Well you guys the site is finally up and fully functional, however things are constantly being added and altered.
My poems now have their own page on the home page....however the poems are still in the process of being routed from my blogger blog to the site.

Also, on the homepage there is a Local Events section which may possibly be converted into its own Page/Link... in the navigation bar to be more esthetically pleasing.

If you have event coming up and would like to be featured on the events page please send an email with the venue info and a flyer to one of the emails listed on this blog or on the homepage. Thanks!

Surprise Interviews

Tomorrow I'll be finishing up two surprise interviews I'm working on right now.
These people are what I call " Path Pavers" they make way for people coming behind them trying to do similar things if not the same thing. I know alot of people are probably curious as to how they decided to do what they're doing in the music industry, as well has did they fund their plans.
I've made it my personal duty , to find out how , what , when , where and why tomorrow when I do the interview.

I won't divulge any names until the interviews are finished. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the interviews once they are finished...even if you don't who these people are. My goal is ...after reading the interviews that if you aren't familiar with them, YOU WILL BE.

With that being said I'm going to close this post, to continue writing the questions.
Keep reading, and I'll keep writing!


Friday, October 23, 2009

New Balance & Big Rich Track ...featuring Jamillions and the Legendary Yuk Mouth.

Their Album " Good As Money" will be in stores November 10th.
Those of you who live in Nor. Cal check Rasputin Records! Make sure you get legit a copy!