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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pleasure P : Man , Monster Or Victimized Musician ?

On December 2nd,2009 (a week ago today) the world was taken by storm as Twitter users began to see ...and eventually retweet conversations ...and twit pics of court documents stating that Marcus Ramone Cooper [ stage name Pleasure P , of Pretty Ricky ] had molested a four year old girl [ whom some claim was his neice] and a multitude of other young girls.

Spetacular Smith [ stage name Spetacular of Pretty Rick] was questioned...and two screen shot images of the questioning surfaced soon after...

To make matters worse...and make the bigger picture even more shocking and grotesque were the act that court documents surfaced as the claims great credibility.

Ok now maybe I over analyze things... But earlier someone said the child's name was Mariah Smith.... Looking over the court documents it states word for word " The child, MAURICE HARRIS shall remain/be placed in the shelter custody of...."

[ Last time I checked Maurice was a little boy's PAUSE!!! He molested a boy? NOOO.... read more]

If you continue to read throughout the documents it almost seems as if the parents : Joesph Smith and Mariah Johnson are the ones being charged with child molestation or sexual misconduct....BUT when you read even further it states that the boy named as the victim not have any contact with Marcus Cooper[ Pleasure P ] so is this a mistake in people's comprehension of the ever complicated legal system and it's redundant paperwork...

Or are people simply not seeing what's going on in the paperwork? Your call.

Based on my experience in the law enforcement field...and my dealings with the judicial system, this paperwork implies that he played a role in the whole thing. It doesnt go straight forward and say " hey we know you groped that little boy's penis!"

I'll be making a poll on this you all can vote on whether you think Pleasure P is innocent, or whether he's another Mike Jackson Case..


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