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Monday, February 1, 2010


Twitter has it's ups and downs but at 3am this is as high as it gets.
Amazingly one of the illest..and one of my new found way of DWI Da Matrix Studios is playing 21 questions with his followers... 21 questions being the pun because in reality it's ask as many as he feels like answering!

My dude is seriously ill, I've had a song he's featured on, on repeat for about 2 and a half weeks now, it took forever for me to even find the damn thing...considering people are so stingy with mp3 files nowadays (The song is Titled I love me By Tek of Smiff and Wesson ,Sha Stimuli & Math Hoffa , it was produced by Drawzilla ) click here to hear it on YouTube.

If you dont believe me...see for yourself and click here. You've been might just end up freezing your computer with multiple downloads...

If you really want to get familiar hit up his twitter @MathHoffa and #askHoffa what the word is...

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