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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Series of unfortunate Events

Due to technical and non-technical difficulties Divinity and the show will NOT be back this month....The show will be back Mid-December.
We are extremely apologetic to the fans...but this situation was completely out of our ( & her) hands.

HOWEVER, we do have something to surprise you all with.
During the down time of the show....we took 30 minutes to make a forum for everyone to network and collaborate on...however at the moment divinity and the blogteam are the only ones signed up for it...
so we're encouraging true fans, and music lovers to go sign up and start posting.
Anyone who wants to become a moderator needs to email us IMMEDIATELY at
The link to the forum is as follows
if you can't cut and paste that into your browser please click here.

Thanks Again yall!
-Divinetv Blog Team

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